Abstract Writing For Dissertation And Thesis

An abstract is an important part of a thesis which gives the complete picture of the work.. Without having read the complete thesis, the reader can well have an idea of the work. The abstract is a summary of the outcome of the detailed research and is written after the completion of the research process. Research journals, college libraries, and online sources of research that aim to assist new researchers include the abstract, through which a scholar can assess the worthiness of a prior research and decide how much it would contribute to the existing work.

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When you want to write a dissertation abstract, the focus should be on covering the entire scope of research while also taking care of not exceeding the length. A summary should not take more than one to two pages. For this, a scholar must use succinct language and choose words that convey the meaning precisely. Brevity is of paramount importance, as writing a lengthy abstract would fail the purpose of writing it in the first place. A laymen , skimming through research documents to select a suitable aid for his research or essay would not dedicate too much time in reading the abstract. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to matter which is directly related to your dissertation.

Scholars aiming at publication, or applying for a job must write a dissertation abstract with caution, as this brief document will be the key from where the publishing house will evaluate the contribution of a research to the field. The abstract must also be included with the application for a job, especially when the scholar is applying for an academic writing or teaching post. When submitted as part of an application, the abstract should not be more than 500 words long. Therefore, start practising précis writing, as you do your research and if needed, you can place your order and get professional assistance from our team of experts at Dissertation Service.