Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Architecture To Choose From

Do you need to write a really good architecture dissertation? We know that it can be hard, but with the right sources and the right topic, it even be fun. But how do you get a good topic? This is the part that can be tricky and difficult. If you don’t know what topic to choose, than you should stay here and read our suggestions. We have some really impressive topics that can get you a good grade. Just keep reading.

  1. Organic structures that last forever
  2. Is there a possibility for architecture to include organic structures that will last forever? How would you approach that?

  3. Showing culture in buildings
  4. Many buildings show culture, but there are not many of them now. Is this the right way to design and is it important to show the culture in a structure?

  5. Architectural structures within a budget
  6. Is it possible to create outstanding structures with keeping the budget low? How would that be possible. Would those structure be good and have quality?

  7. Redefining a city with architecture
  8. Is only architecture needed to change the whole look of a city? How is that achievable? Find some arguments that support your thinking.

  9. Using elements of famous architects, but without copying
  10. If we find something good, but it’s not our work, how can we include that without copying the architect?

  11. Architectural trends
  12. Talk about the trends that are really popular nowadays. Find examples and talk about them in your paper.

  13. Outdoor architecture
  14. Talk about the importance of outdoor architecture. Is there something you don’t like and many architects use it in order to create some structure? Again, find examples and try to explain it to the reader.

  15. Educating people in architecture
  16. Is it important for other people to understand architecture? Should they know something about it in order to understand the decisions of architects? Try to explain it and give your opinion on it. Support it with evidence.

  17. Architecture and climate
  18. The climate change can have a big influence on architecture. Explain why and how that impacts the structures and buildings.

  19. How architecture is influenced by art
  20. We know that art influences architecture, but try to go a little bit deeper. How it all started and why it has such a great influence. What is the biggest reason for that and find some examples as well.